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[BB], 2019 in review

Another two years (given no 2018 post), another set of milestones reached. Like the 2017 review we’re going to look at what’s happened with more of a high-level overview as opposed to granular in-depth looks. We’re also going to pretend that some of the 2018 changes happened during the 2019 session just… because. Core BBase…

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Radio Silence

We haven’t really used this blog since mid 2018 and in some ways it’s hard to pin down exactly why; it’s more a case of I think we somewhat evolved from a blogging format similar to that of why the forums get used less and Discord is more our central point of contact. In many…

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BB’s 12th Anniversary

It’s time for our 12th anniversary, and throughout August we’re going to be giving away loads of crates, cubes and more. We’re adding additional maps, items, auras, features (including big crafting updates) and UI overhauls. We hope you join us in celebrating BB turning 12!

Upcoming Feature: Autohop Zones

So Autohop is coming, but with a twist that is to try and give the best of both worlds to everyone; both users of this system and users who won’t dare touch it. We’ve been discussing this system for a good few months, even more so since this post was made to further push the autohop…

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Plans for June

Sorry it’s been quiet on here lately, just a quick post to let you know we have some plans for June including new maps and items, so stay tuned!

Loot systems are a pain.

If you search the internet, you’ll find people suggesting all sorts of ways of designing and developing loot tables; especially depending on the language. The problem is that in almost every case I found thus far while researching, every method has its’ drawbacks. This can be in the sense of inefficient algorithms, dependant on certain behaviours…

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