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    Wenlis Tools 1.5

    What it does:
    - Axis Centre -
    Axis wheels and props by their exact centres! No need to rely on smartsnap or anything like that. Get perfect precision with no effort!

    - Ball Socket Centre -
    Ball socket props by their centres, so no more problems making perfect turrets or joints. Also includes the ability to make quick "rotation constraints" that keeps two props in the same orientation as each other.

    - Physgun Build Mode -
    Adds a whole bunch of settings you can change to make positioning props easier. Just go to your Q menu Options tab, and check it out - it'll completely change the way you use your physgun.

    - Precision Alignment -
    The most versatile build stool ever made! Precision alignment gives you everything you need when placing individual props, and lets you build things with complexity and precision that would never have been possible before. This tool has a bit of a learning curve, but once you start using it you'll find no other tool gives you this level of control.


    Smart Welder v2.1

    What it does: Rather than manually welding everything, you can simply select the props that you want welded (this can be done with a single click using auto-select), then right click to perform a smart-weld using the chosen settings.


    Lua Wheels

    What it does: No bounce as there are no polygons to bounce on, and no sinking if you have to much torque. Realistic grip, endless possibility's so on and so forth.


    I will post more when I find some or remember the rest!
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    Teddi hates smart welder
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