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    I was more planning to tie these fixes into a larger update; however it seems there's a significant enough impact on gameplay that these are being released early.

    Amen 2

    • Offline Punishments now process correctly

    • Full house achievement now takes into account the Platinum reserved slot
    • Scoreboard module will no longer attempt to take Keyboard focus when the scoreboard is displayed.
    • Legacy titles awarded to those who won past BBuild events
    • Surf S7 titles have finally been awarded to those who earned them.
    • Reversed Cap has been repositioned, resized and forcefully mashed onto the heads of those who wear them.
    • Corrected an issue with Prop Protection where if the client cannot immediately understand who owns the prop, it will default to the World.
    • Attempting to process and handle UTF-8 strings better. No guarantees on this though.
    • Cube system now attempts to validate the group system has been loaded before taking group stuff into account.
    • Added /servers command (works the same as /portal)
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