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    With the 11th Anniversary, we've primarily worked on polishing and added some much needed features to BBase.

    • Updated the Birthday event systems to the more modern stats system
    • Added /inspect, allows users to inspect what the other is wearing
    • Equipped Items now allows you to view all items and rotate at will as opposed to a controlled rotate
    • The store has been updated to fit in with the current [BB] aesthetics.
      • The store also now allows you to preview items pre-purchase.
    • Item tooltips are now available when you hover over items, if the item has a tooltip.
    • Various outstanding bugs have been corrected and updated.
    For us, this update was about polish and bringing online some internal systems that will lay the foundation for things such as crafting, trading and so on (you'll see mentions of these across various UIs). We know it's taken a while to get some of these updates into your hands but it's for the good reason of getting it done right the first time around.
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