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    Technically things have been a bit weird with BBase updates, so here's a full list of changes that incorporate 38 / 38.1

    • MVP system has been updated so MVPs are more likely to win their votes.
      • AFK players are now ignored.
      • MVP vote initiators are now automatically given a vote. Theoretically if there was just 2 of you on a server and you initiated a vote, previously it would always fail. Now it will always succeed.
      • As the target punishee technically cannot vote, we now subtract a vote from the overall count thus (counting the above change as well) meaning 2 less votes are now required.
      • Vote / Failure announcements will now correctly show the vote % that it succeeded or failed at.
    • Added Season 10 Crate
    • A whole slew of new unusual item effects have been added. Can you get them all?
      • These effects cannot currently be found in effect jars.
    • The Surf achievement "Go Outside" has had its amount required to 5000 (down from 10000).
    • Achievement items are no longer marketable
      • This was likely the case before, but more explicit controls have since been put in place
    • The "Invisiplayer" item will no longer work in Deathrun / TTT.
    • /portal was updated to take advantage of the BB API so we can fetch realtime updates from the other servers
    • Updated DScrollList to better play nice under certain conditions because Derma sucks.
    • Added a Valid check when a player first connects and there's a votemap going on. Otherwise you couldn't vote :(
    • Added Go Fish stat trackers - We keep track of all your catches!
    • Fixed a case where a users bonus multiplier could be recalculated unintentionally.
    • Corrected a case where surf_frost was using the wrong stat tracker
    • Various new achievements / titles have been added
    • Eternal, Ancient and Elder now use curly brackets () instead of Square brackets [] to designate that they're a standard system title.
    • Internally the item schema has moved to an external database system. Doesn't mean much for you as the player, means a whole load more for us as developers though!
    • Item streaming has been implemented. Users should experience less jitter when opening the F1 menu.
    • Added Eurovision achievement for those that share the love of Eurovision.
    • Secret phrase has changed yet again
    • Added a selection of new items
    • Various items have had their restrictions loosened as to what slots they can / can't be used in.
    • The F1 donation system has been updated to load a Steam window as opposed to all within the F1 menu because the current HTML system in GMod sucks.
    • RTV now ignores AFK players
    • Lottery system now has a UI and a slider. You can still do !enterlottery <number> if you want to speed it up though.
    • Various achievements that can no longer be earned have been deprecated and won't show for newer players.
    • Temporarily removed the new chatbox for now entirely.
    • Fixed a minor error that could occur if the Platinum system wasn't enabled but a Platinum member attempted to talk.
    • Because it's worth a specific mention: Added clown shoes. HONK!
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