BB's 12th Birthday Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Server Chat / Updates' started by Teddi, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    Another year, another birthday, it's that time again! Between the 28th of July and 2nd of September we're running the anniversary event.

    What this means is -
    • Global 150% increase on cubes across all gamemodes!
    • Anniversary crate + goodies from this!
      • Achievement!
    • You can try platinum for free, for 2 weeks over this time via /tryplat
      • If you like it, during this time Platinum is only $10!
      • Title cards (8) is also $5!
    We hope you have fun with us over this time period and celebrate [BB] being notably older than a chunk of our newer playerbase ;)
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    Woo another year older. Teddi will be doing the posts on the new maps, crafting changes etc tomorrow :)