[SUGGESTION] Disenchant Duplicate Items

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Bugs' started by Kaiden, Feb 7, 2020.

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    In a lot of games, you see a button to "sell junk" or "break down duplicate items" etc. This makes managing an inventory a lot easier, and without the option the selling of junk/duplicate items would be seen as a bit of a pain.

    I know a lot of players only want to break down duplicate items as they want to keep one of each item for future outfits. What would the possibility be of having a "Disenchant all duplicates" that uses the "Craft 3 random coloured dusts" option to remove your items and output dust?

    I know a lot of players would appreciate it. Barring that, potentially a toggle on the inventory window/select items window to "Show duplicates only" to make it easier to see what can be selected quickly.
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