Error reporting and you - or an updated guide on how to report bugs

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    Update: We prefer people reporting issues via our GitHub repositoryhere.This isn't a requirement and the below is still relevant, just preferred!

    Just to amalgamate and clean things up, here's the lowdown on bug reporting.

    If you find a bug - post it in this forum with the appropriate thread tag. Where possible, cross-reference with see if you can find the corresponding ID to your error. Don't worry if you can't or you're not entirely sure if it's that error which you had - link it anyways and we'll take a look into it.

    Although we're usually on top of squishing bugs on lauerrors, sometimes we don't know how important it is as we may not get affected by it (or infrequently).

    Any bugs of significant value will get rewarded with the monitored hat (pictured below). By significant value we mean providing insight in to how a bug may happen - or better yet if the bug can be exploited in some way, there's even greater payouts (cubes, rare items, donator items).
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