Fall 2023 Winners

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    We've seen bit of a pattern the last few months where Natan, Meep and Duck keep taking the top spots! Can anyone challenge them? Will anyone rock the status quo? Lets find out in Winter '24!

    1st place: ›sκ‹ natan - 1225 points
    2nd place: Meep - 993 points
    3rd place: [KI DP] [Duck] DSi G - 711 points
    4th place: SGTX - 504 points
    5th place: Ryan C. - 296 points
    6th place: Soders - 247 points
    7th place: Napi - 236 points
    8th place: Raylrys - 229 points
    9th place: Melvin Luxtehude - 182 points
    10th place: S1NN3R - 166 points

    To see the reward structure, please visit this post.
    All rewards have been issued.
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