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    So another year has gone past, and loads has happened during it! Last December is when Surf started picking up, and it's amazing to look back at how much the server has progressed in just 1 year. The staff will be familiar with this list, but I generally kept a record of changes needed for the server and crossed them off as they were completed. I thought it'd be interesting to share just how much has been accomplished, mainly by Teddi and Killermon! (It's crazy to think there wasn't even a store or Donation system at the start of the year!)

    Anyway have a look, all of the below are now live, I'll just remove the strikes so it's easier to read.

    • Additional maps and ensuring current maps are acceptable in difficulty for current players.
      • Several maps added throughout 2016.
    • Release hard server with gated requirements for more skilled players.
    • Latest version of Amen so all known commands work (i.e. comments on users).
    • Relaunch Deathrun - DR relaunched with store mid July 2016.
    • Store and Cube system added to DR.
    • Add an RTV to Deathrun.
    • Ensure maps are relevant and working 100% (i.e. weapons are at end).
    • Re-enable Deathrun on /portal.
    • Launch basic store at beginning of the year.
    • Continue development of the store with new items/functionality and enhanced UI.
      • Player contribution items added most months, Store now has 100+ items. Equip Item page now previews items.
    • Re-add the flashlight system with new sounds.
    • Launch basic Achievements system.
    • Set up pre-prepared events for major holidays i.e. Halloween, Christmas.
    • Implement Crate system with unique items.
    • Develop an MVP system for trusted players to help out Admins.
    • Announce /portal server travels to the server to help traffic - New Map Changes announced instead.
    • Develop a function for painting cosmetic items, allowing more variation.
    • Develop a Title voucher system within the donation system.
    • Continue development of the Lottery - increase pot amount per entry.
    • Update amen punishment duration area with scroll bar, show minutes in hours.
    • Add second Equipment Misc slot for Platinum.
    • Add coloured text options for Plat.
    • Create Cube Lottery system.
    • Implement a /ignore feature for both chat and voice.
    • Better /admin notification for Admins.
    • Better title management. Add ability to remove players titles.
    • Allow players to track their Hard Server access progress via /hardserver.
    • Implement a secure Private Message function in-game.
    • Re-implement Steam Group Cube bonuses. Implement legacy/veteran cube bonuses.
    • Develop a donation system for purchasing Cubes.
    • Revamp donation system and get a basic web/ingame page up and running for players to donate. - Aiming 1st of May.
    • Basic store back up and running for Platinum servers, something users can spend their cubes on.
    • Update all applicable Admin chat, namely @@, to white text.
    • Add Ballpit/sandbox function.
    • Revamp AFK system to only kick once server is at 80% capacity.
    • Trail system for Platinum.
    • Update the UI to scale on low resolutions.
    • Minimize /admin command abuse so chat muted players can't use the function.
    This is by no means exhaustive, and there's been loads of other changes made that would have been impossible to track 100% (or have been logged by Teddi in his Update threads). But I'm sure everyone will agree it's amazing how much progress has been made in making the server(s) an enjoyable place to play, so many thanks to @Teddi and @Killermon, along with all the Admins, Moderators and MVP players who help mute awful people on a daily basis.

    There's some really exciting stuff planned for 2017, including the long fabled custom Voice Channels system (I know right), and some other big plans involving new systems completely created from the ground up. We're going to round the year up by adding a couple of new maps to the Easy server that have been due for a while.

    Thanks for playing and sticking around this year, and we'll see you in 2017!
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    Is it just me or have I been waiting all year for this?
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    I've personally been waiting on this
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