Malice's Guide to Utopia's wonderful telehop

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    Jul 28, 2017
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    Telehoping is a way to maintain speed on a map, but restart your timer. This is most often done by jumping as you die, causing you to jump afterwards with some of the speed of your last run.

    Differences in Utopia's Thop:
    Utopia's telehop is different because I believe, compared to other maps that you can thop on, you spawn slightly higher. The ledge of the map is also quite close to the spawn, and one of the most important differences, there is lots of space to maneuver after you complete your hop.

    How to maximize speed with these differences:
    My method of telehoping on this map is different than all other maps I have played, because you do not have to jump to maintain your speed. By not jumping, you are able to go faster because...
    1: jumping takes away part of your speed unless done perfectly
    2: jumping causes you to go higher.
    The second reason is a problem because at higher speeds, you will hit the ceiling out of spawn and most likely lose speed. This is why people get stuck around 3500 speed
    Now here comes the hard part, Angles.
    When doing the telehop, you can do it without crouching or jumping, but this is very hard and means you are hitting the wall at either flat, or angled slightly upward.
    To maximize speed, crouch as you hit the wall and respawn.
    Because I usually have pretty bad connection, I'm not positive how this works, but I'm pretty sure its this: If you spawn when standing, your feet will get placed at a certain height, if you crouch (only on this server), your feet will be pulled up causing you to have extra height.
    This extra height is where angles start to come into play. Because you are higher than spawn, you can angle yourself slightly downward, and not hit the ledge of spawn. When attempting this, you can scroll as you do this as well, and if you jump when you respawn, that means that you tried to angle yourself too low.

    Now comes the more advanced part, If using this method, at a certain speed when just going straight back to the ramp, you will not be able to hit it correctly to do another thop. For me when just traveling straight this happens around 4600 if I'm hitting the angle of the thop well. To improve your speed further, you must start strafing to a side. This will cause you to lower yourself enough to hit the ramp correctly because you already have downward momentum from the fact that you are thoping downwards. With this I've gotten to around 5100 speed, and still been low enough to do more, its just the fact that one mistake with timing could reset all your work.

    Thank you for reading:
    I've been meaning to post this for a while.
    Don't give up if you lose your speed, it happens a lot.
    It can take me 10 out of the 30 min to get enough speed for a good run, and i mess it up most of the time.
    By doing it over and over, you can get better at it and within 1-3 map rotations, it should work better than the older methods of thop for the map. (unless you are doing bigdogmat's method which gets you like 4500 speed i believe)
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    Thanks! Never thought of not jumping but that should come in handy