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    Q – What is the Player Marketplace?

    The Player Marketplace is where players can sell items for cubes to other players

    Q – What are the fees for using the Marketplace?

    There are two fees – listing fees and sales tax

    • Listing Fee is taken immediately on the listing of an item and is calculated on the length of the listing and the price. This is not refundable.
    • Sales tax is taken only on the successful sale of the item. This is not refundable.

    The calculations are not shown here as they’re liable to change – it will be shown clearly in the GUI before you list an item the relevant fees and taxes.

    Q – Why can’t I sell my item X?

    Not all items can be sold on the marketplace. If you hover over an item in the inventory, it will explain why it can’t be sold. For example, items that are marked uncraftable cannot be sold.

    Q – What’s the minimum / maximum length I can list an item for?

    The minimum length is 1 hour, and the maximum is 336 hours (14 days). Note that listing for 14 days will likely incur heavy listing fees

    Q - What’s the minimum / maximum cost I can put an item up for?

    The minimum amount is 1000 cubes, the maximum is a billion cubes.

    Q – Can I have a refund / I didn’t mean to sell that item!

    No. All market purchases and sales are final.

    Q – I gave someone £3 for a hat and they didn’t sell it to me on the market! Ban them!

    Quite frankly, we can’t stop people trading real money for virtual items (It happened a lot in our older gamemodes, and enforcement was futile). If someone does scam you doing this, either they owe you money or an item – then feel free to post on the forum. We won’t do anything about it, but it will give me a chuckle.

    Q – Is there any differences between the servers?

    No, the marketplace is cross-server and as a result, an item on one server will show on all. There is no delay between the servers either, so posting an item on Deathrun for example, will immediately show up on Surf.

    Q – What happens to an item that expires?

    It will be returned to your inventory; this may take a few minutes from the expiration of the listing.

    Q - When I buy an item, how quickly will it be put into my inventory


    Q – When I sell an item, how quickly will the funds be delivered?

    It will be a few minutes after the sale of the item.

    Q – Can I bid for an item?

    Not at this time – this is to be developed in future demand permitting.

    Q – Can I cancel a listed item?

    Yes, from the ‘My Listings’ page, but you will not get the listing fee back.

    Q – Can I use the marketplace for quasi trading?

    If you want.
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    I'll add on trading for real life money, if you do do it use something like PayPal to protect yourself and document the transaction, but like covered above it's not something we'd get involved in.