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    What is RPX? The idea is simple, you can roleplay anything you want – a hitman, psychopath, fireman, medic, taxi driver…etc without having to remember 100+ rule list in the process. The issue with having rules lists is that is creates a massive admin overhead, and also burns them out. Looking at other communities, they just have a constant churn of admins due to this burnout. We’ve also been through the hoops of hosting a RP server, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

    RPX’s golden rule can be summed up as such – ‘You are your character’. This means that anything you know (Who killed you, who’s doing what…etc) is what your character knows; this means no concept of OCC or IC, and no NLR. You can go back and revenge kill that person who just robbed your if you want.

    In order to see if there’s any interest in the game mode, we’re going to start an alpha and add bits to it overtime. We already have a good idea as to what we need to add in future, but there will be rough edges we need to smooth over. Fundamentally, the base of the gamemode is now there for us to build upon, we have crafting, cosmetics, a police and criminal justice system as well as some other stuff I don't want to spoi.

    The wiki has more information here https://wiki.bbroleplay.co.uk/index.php?title=RPX

    If you want to connect and raise hell, the server is on

    Quite frankly, this might be a massive dud and no-one is interested. Hopefully it's different enough from other gamemodes out there to garner a bit of interest.