Season 3 Winners

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    And so another season comes to a close - okay, this came to a close a few weeks ago so apologies in advance as we've been busy with all the anniversary work.

    Anyway, all the prizes have now been doled out, and the winner for this season is Bangman! So congratulations and thank you, as it would have been embarrassing if Ethan won again.

    As an apology to all those who have been so long without their items, you've all been given a special 'Winners Crate', which you can open for some juicy booty (If the RNG Gods are on your side).

    So, this was the final leaderboard:
    1. Bangman with 322 points - Received 'Quest for Booty' item, 3 million cubes and a title
    2. eth9n with 266 points - Received 2 million cubes and a title
    3. bigdogmat with 228 points - Received 750k cubes and a title

    Hopefully, next time, we'll be a bit quicker with the rewards, so see you again in a few weeks.
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    Again, apologies this took us longer to process. With all the anniversary logistics it's taken us a bit longer to find time to process this. Winners, you may find it takes an additional day or so for your crates to arrive, however they'll pop into your inventory when they're available.