Suggestions and you - how to suggest that isn't dumb

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Bugs' started by Teddi, May 31, 2016.

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    Update: If you have a GitHub account and would rather post using a template system, you can do so here.

    Often people approach me with suggestions on things to add, how to implement things and so on. This is a lowdown on how to do so and what isn't a good idea.
    1. Give your idea a title. Doesn't have to be fancy, but it should already hint to your suggestion.
    2. State your idea.
    3. Consider, does your suggestion actually contribute or improve the player experience.
    4. Seriously, consider point 3. Just because other terrible servers have this feature doesn't mean it's good.
    5. If you've somehow convinced yourself it's still a good idea, try and refine it before you post it.
    6. Post it.
    At this point when we get around to looking at it, we'll either yay or nay you. Sometimes suggestions may get implemented in such a way that you suggested, or a very different way - or not at all.

    Ideas you shouldn't suggest -
    • Autohop
    • Jihad Bomb
    • Hoodie Ninja
    • Increased Magneto stick power
    • "Donator only" store items.
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    ♫♫I'm a ninja. I'm a hoodie ninja. I'm a ninja. I'm a hoodie ninja. I'm a ninja. I'm a hoodie ninja. I'm a...♫♫
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