[SUGGESTION] Suggestions, Bugs, and Questions. Part 2/2

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    Cosmetic Committee - There’s a map committee, why not an item committee? Give it a Discord channel/role where feedback can be given on items that could be added? We could come up with themes or collection ideas; Season 14 could be a collaborative effort with the community, or there could be a summer crate? I’m interested in this because Season 13 items are soo stale. I’m also kinda interested in modeling some items? Overall, some standards for suggesting items to be added would be cool. I know it’s tricky with the different playermodels and some things just don’t work, but it’s worth gathering a bunch of suggestions until a few good ones work.

    Item Revisions - Items are inconsistent with restrictions and some icons are duplicated. I don’t keep holiday items in my inventory because of hidden restrictions. There are many Halloween items that someone forgot to put the holiday restricted tag in the description (and they are still halloween only). On occasion, players will sell those on the playermarket, and someone will unknowingly purchase them. During my first holidays with BB I got items like that and expected to be able to use them after the event, but they were restricted. The bubble bucket has the same icon as the regular bucket, … I suggest an icon like this for the bubble bucket.

    Remove Holiday Items From The Crafting Pool - It shouldn’t be possible to craft holiday exclusive cosmetics. Nobody wants to spend the time crafting a hat they can only wear for a couple of weeks of the year; it's bad. Remove holiday items from the crafting system.

    Flashlight Preview - Flashlight previews will help people know what they’re buying. I don’t want to use emotes to preview them; I’m not even sure if all the flashlight noises have emotes?

    Unusual Flashlight - A flashlight that plays a 1x unusual effect. Give the effect a cooldown so it isn’t spammed. It would be quite neat to use it for celebrating PB’s and PR’s. Effects like balloons/confetti or snow? More for fun, and if it's not included as an item, maybe add it to the Anniversary/Christmas mode instead?

    Act Items - Make items that play an act once, have no sound, and don't affect others. Imagine completing a lap and the character automatically does the act cheer or dance. Originally I considered it for the surf race rewards/achievement item tho; perfect cheer item tbh.

    Vanquisher Crown - A special item that only the vanquisher gets; when that player loses vanquisher rank, they also lose access to the item, and the new #1 gets it. I don’t think there’s any reward for vanquisher besides the rank, so this would be fun. I like how The Dueler from TF2 looks. Give it a nice unusual effect, or maybe have the effect change every day? This could be extended to the top 10 players and give them The Philateler. I hope to add incentives for players to reach the upper ranks, maybe to increase competition, but mainly because cosmetics earned through skill are way cooler.

    Unusual Recycling -
    Unusuals could be traded up into jars. I like this concept for how this would work; we have the same idea. Put 5-6 unusuals in, and get a jar based on what effects the unusuals had, by chance. This will open up some nice crafting opportunities since most old effect jars are locked in player inventories (not returning or not willing to trade), old crates (untradable), consumed, or hit the market overpriced, and nobody can afford it.

    Crate Revision - Is there any progress on crate revision? Season 13 drop rates suck compared to the old crates. Going forward, more transparency about the crate outcomes would be appreciated. I can’t find any information on the current loot pool, and when I asked Teddi the info he gave me was incorrect. A forum post with all the possible items in a crate and their chances would be excellent.


    PR Leaderboard - Separate leaderboard only for Perfect Runs.

    Cube Increase - Climb should also have midweek bonus cubes like surf. PR’s should give more than a typical completion.

    Freespec - Very useful in climb for figuring out the route and skips.

    Climb Achievement Item -
    Edmund Hillary - Egypt is actually beatable so I suggest unusual legwear with particles & mini trails + a climb god title could be a nice reward for that pain.


    The achievement system would be better if they were all obtainable. Also, I think some have aged very badly. Cones and Buckets don’t drop from current crates, so it’d cost me ~7,605,000 cubes to buy them and then I gotta destroy them all? why ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A way to hide the legacy/unobtainable/duplicate achievements would be good. Are these admins still active to get this achievement?


    Random Map Option - This hasn’t been declined yet. Is this still being considered??

    Donations - An option to get legacy platinum benefits for ~250$. No expiration date, one-time purchase.There are players interested in permanent platinum.

    Loadouts - This would be very convenient, I hope there’s a way it can be added in the future, with an unequip all button to go with it.

    Unlockable Playermodel - All of the playermodels are donor only. Trails make sense because if everyone had one it’d be a mess. But there could be at least one new playermodel unlockable through an achievement.

    Seasonal Rewards - Increase the chance of unusuals in winner crates; it seems low.

    Trail and Aura - I really want to see the suggested trails and Pluto's sunset aura be added. Here’s screenshots of the trail I want compared to the trail already available, it is different.

    Bugs & Typos

    Race Typo - The command !racequit works fine, the typo is just visual in /grouphelp options. "!racequite"

    Race Bug - Invite anyone to start a group; they do not have to accept. Start a race. Now, anytime the invited players reset themselves, you will get the DNF message as if they were part of the race. Here’s a demo.

    Not as Easy as They Say Achievement - "Complete all the the easy server maps" typo.

    Verge, Scarlet, Antimatter2 - On the map lists, they are named surf_verge, surf_scarlet, and surf_antimatter2; remove the surf_

    Platinum Freeze Bug - Chaco reported this bug in 2020, and it’s still affecting the freeze function. Basically, bb_surf_freeze yourself, reset, and you’ll still be frozen.. It happened a lot to me because I used the freeze command & savestates, so it would be nice to get that fixed.

    Platinum Icons Not Appearing - If I’m not platinum, usually it doesn't show the platinum badges on the tab-leaderboards, only in chat. It always works if I have platinum, and I see everyone's platinum badge. Many others have this issue too; can this be fixed?

    Holiday Items Don’t Trigger Achievements Outside of Holiday - If a player gets a holiday item outside of the holiday, it won't trigger the achievement. Players are unboxing holiday crates all the time still, so it should be fixed to work as intended.

    Discord Platinum Roles Don’t Get Removed - The Discord bot isn’t working to check who isn’t platinum anymore… we could keep it like this tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Out Of Date Info In The Menus - The rewards are not being updated for the season in the F1 menu and the link to view reward scaling is out of date.

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    This time I've gone a bit more in-depth with replies, mostly because the questions / statements needed them. There's nothing unreasonable in these requests, although much of it does boil down to time / effort of a two-man team.


    Committee: Up to @Kaiden on this one. Cosmetics could be expanded upon, although there would be some work needed to help people get their things in to the game somehow (we did have some tooling which we've since lost).

    Covering item revisions and restrictions a bit more broadly, generally speaking item management has improved over the years but still isn't perfect. For example restrictions on items are actually just part of the item description and aren't part of a flag. We should probably fix that but if we ever will, I'm not sure. I think in regards to icons we can generally do better (and @Kaiden does try), but for the bubble bucket we may have to take something like what you've done above.

    Removing items from the crafting pool is easier said than done (given as said above, we don't actually flag items). I do agree that this is something that should happen but as to the when and how I don't have any timelines.

    Act items are an interesting idea but the scope of them is likely to be limited if we were to do something with them. Although it's often forgotten; we do tend to run other gamemodes as well. Anything that requires combat or player interaction of the body relies on the animations being predictable so having surf-only items while not impossible does create extra overhead. An example of this is the Invisi-player where in non-surf / non-climb gamemodes we simply force it to not work at all because well, it's not fun trying to kill invisible players!

    Unusual Flashlight: Not unreasonable, might see what we can do for this.

    The remaining questions around cosmetics have either had changes implemented that were already the goal of the question or were changed in their entireties (e.g. Crates) so I'll leave them out.


    We're not too sure where we want to take Climb at the moment. It's bit of a chicken / egg situation where we don't want to invest more work (time limited and all that) to something people will rarely play, but without work then players don't tend to come. There may be some sweeping QoL updates (binding save loc, freespec) but I wouldn't expect much here unless things happen to get better player-wise.


    If there are unobtainable achievements at this point, please let us know so we can fix them or update requirements. We also have a method for flagging achievements that internally we consider "deprecated" so the player maintains the achievement but it doesn't appear on the list for those that don't have it. Some achievements (including the admin achievement) do require a bit of rework, but more on that in the future potentially.

    Other things:

    We've since added and trialled the random map option to which feedback wasn't great, so we instead now shuffle the maps on the votemap list. The random button may return as part of that shuffling though.

    Donations: There is an option for Perm Plat @ $349.99. You have to contact us directly about it as it's not something we really just want to let anyone get (due to PayPal charge-back risks and so on).

    Unlockable Playermodels: Unlikely to happen. Part of what little we guarantee our Platinum players comes under the guarantee that any extra / player models (unless gamemode specific) are available for them. Same with trails.

    Seasonal rewards: With eternal crates, guaranteed items is now 5 and the unusual chance was upped to 50%.

    Trails: More in the future are on the way.

    Bugs / Typos:

    Racequite: Fixed

    DNF Joining issue: Pending fix

    Not as easy they say: We've been aware of this one for a long time and we almost have it as bit of an internal joke to have "the the" as most people gloss over it.

    Maps with "_" in their name: We do this to denote 'newer' maps as we don't have a more obvious mechanism for it. Once the map is no longer 'new' we alias it.

    Plat freeze bug: Is this still broken?

    Plat icon not appearing: I believe this was resolved.

    Holiday Items Don’t Trigger Achievements Outside of Holiday: This is an actual issue and we should probably rectify it.

    Discord Platinum Roles Don’t Get Removed: Fixed

    Out Of Date Info In The Menus: I believe this was fixed, though @Kaiden will need to review.
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    Thanks, I definitely don't have any expectations to have all the requests fulfilled. Just wanted to share some ideas and see what sticks. Always grateful whenever I join and get an update though. I understand development can be complex and time is limited. If the tools for importing custom cosmetics are outdated, that would be helpful to fix. I get if that's not a priority, though. I intend to submit cosmetics to be reviewed, potentially in the following months / into next year. For reference, I reviewed this post about models. I agree with act items being limited, the solution for invisiplayer and deathrun works great. I think they'd be valuable items in the current market environment, and it adds life to the playermodels. Climb needs new maps, then players will likely return. I've discussed with @Pluto the aspects to look for in good climb maps, and that gave me an idea of what to look for. When I decide on some fun maps that are well optimized, I'd like to submit 1-2 at a time to the mapping committee for review. I know climb is not the priority, but hopefully it can be convenient to zone the occasional climb map while preparing surf maps. I hope to see a return of the random map vote option sometime, in some capacity. Certainly, the community was split on that feature, but many of us did enjoy it. I'll think about what can be improved as well, and maybe we can try again. Looking forward to new trails, the latest playermodels were a good addition. I'm able to recreate the plat freeze bug when I use /stuck to reset; it seems to only be resolved for /r. :D