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    This is something we've been preparing for quite a while (See previous 'Maintenance is Hard' Devblogs) and the good news is we've finally set it up and tested it.

    What this means is that the surf server is not only available on, but also on the following IPs:
    So add these to your favourites - when one IP gets DDoS'd, just simply connect on another one.It doesn't matter which IP you connect to or when, you will all end up on the same, BB Surf easy server.

    Long term, we're going to add a new bot to discord to tell players which IP's are available (As no doubt whoever is DDoSing us is just going to start to hit those IP's instead).

    If we find that we're loosing too many IP's to a DDoS, then we'll simply add more :v

    This is an experimental system, so please post comments and feedback here.