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    A new year, a new season closes. In review since we've started doing top 10 scores, the overall % of scores are slowly starting to shift closer together. Also, for our first time we actually have a joint score place, so congrats to both of those people for pulling that off!

    Reward structure can be found here.

    As we have a joint winner for 6th place, both will receive 6th place winner rewards and we'll collapse the ranking inwards; meaning officially for this season there is no 10th place winner! Rewards are going out later today so you should all have them delivered fairly quickly to yourselves.
    1. Daddy - 586 points
    2. Jr6150 - 492 points
    3. Bangman - 390 points
    4. pAurice - 257 points
    5. Malice - 184 points
    6. Gwama & Lightning - 136 points
    7. bigdogmat - 100 points
    8. SC | I'm Old Greg - 85 points
    9. HarrisNS - 57 points
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