Surf Update 12.1

Discussion in 'Surf-Skill' started by Teddi, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Mostly additions and some fixes.
    • Multiple maps have had various shortcuts quietly blocked or modified. In the vast majority of cases no one had noticed these or had been unable to exploit these. In the very small few cases (< 5) that had, we voided those records accordingly.
    • Updated some internal stat generation logic so it's automated and I don't have to keep manually fixing it
    • Added and improved ahop zones on Happyhug.
    • Re aliased !kick to !gkick and !groupkick. Amen2 didn't like it :(
    • Added surf_beyond
    • Added surf_6
    • Added surf_axiom2
    • Added surf_heaven_njv
    • Added surf_tensile_njv
    • Platinum flashlight should no longer activate on death or upon spectating a player.
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Thread Status:
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