[SUGGESTION] Telemetry Statistics Suggestion

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    Aug 4, 2016
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    In timetrial history, option to sort by best/worst times for a nice order of progression, and latest/oldest runs (currently most recent is displayed at the bottom).

    As well as this, could there be an option in settings, or just always make this the case, of excluding upper fence outliers before calculating standard deviation and the mean. Players that have a decent enough skill level should be able to complete maps with a fair consistency, and runs that could be considered outliers would almost always be due to players being afk.
    I have looked at some of my stats and calculated the standard deviation with and without outliers and it's quite heavily influenced by those runs i went afk and had 1000 extra seconds more than my regular runs.
    If you think regular outliers are within reason of actual trials due to many failed attempts at stages, a new definition of an outlier could be considered (ie choose a larger multipler of the IQR, instead of 1.5 use 3 maybe).
    Anywho, if this is to be added i would suggest adding [excluded] or [outlier] next to the individual run(s) that haven't been counted in the timetrial history section.

    Cheers :)