Trouble in Terrorist Town Update 6

Discussion in 'Trouble in Terrorist Town' started by Teddi, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Decided to pass on the new traitor / detective weapons for now as they required some more time for testing. In the meantime have some rather key updates which should smooth out gameplay.

    • Added new messages to the message rotation system.
    • ttt_diamondshoals_a2 is now back on rotation.
    • ttt_woodedwidow_b7 is now back on rotation.
    • Backend to achievements has been added and is live. Current list of achievements in game is coming soon.
    • ttt_thething_b3 has been removed.
    • ttt_forest has been removed.
    • Pinning bodies is finally fixed
    • Converted most of the system from umsgs -> net. This has the upside of less bottlenecks under certain conditions.
    • Upon death traitors now lose all information about all other traitors.
    • The damage threshold for labels has now changed. Below are the changes -
      • Healthy lasts until 60, down from 90
      • Hurt lasts until 45, down from 70
      • Wounded lasts until 15, down from 25
    • The secret area on vessel is now restricted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.