TTT Update 7.1

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    Mostly bugfixes / restoration of previous features

    • Platinum members now get a 75% increased regeneration rate on propspec
    • Tore out a whole bunch of redundant votemap stuff that TTT still has in it
    • Cosmetics are now enabled! Any Platinum member is automatically entered into a lottery and if chosen, everyone gets their outfit!
      • There's a 25% chance that no outfit will be selected in this case
      • Certain items are not eligible for use in these events. For example the invisiplayer (looking at you Jr)
    • Store / Inventory / Equippable system is enabled.
    • TTT now attempts to filter who can see what CSC messages.
    • Updated some minor logic for admins when they receive internal warnings about possible RDM
    • Players will no longer receive bad information for what map the server is going to change to every round.
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