TTT Update 7

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    Oh boy, it's been a long time coming. We're back and better than before!

    • Updated BB TTT to all the latest Gmod-shipped TTT changes
    • Now use shipped net messages instead of our own
    • Players who are too far away from each other now get a message about being too far away, as opposed to thinking the target is disguised and opening fire on them.
    • Added support for the Waterpistol punishment. This causes the affected player to deal no damage in most cases.
      • Waterpistol players cannot be traitors or detectives when punished.
      • Any attacker that inflict damage / kill a player affected by waterpistol will incur no karma loss, regardless of their state.
    • Fixed and restored the AFK system.
    • Removed the unlimited knives feature for Platinum
    • Disabled the old TTT achievements as they're not compatible with the modern system.
    • Merged the TTT Settings system into the BBase F1 menu (tutorial will follow suite later)
    • Removed some last remnants of usermessages.
    • Removed internal TTT versioning as it's not really used anymore.
    • Removed the old Wiki derma that went unused
    • Removed the F1 help html panel for now as it doesn't really do its' job properly
    • C4 radius increased
    • Other miscellaneous bugfixes
    Generally we seem to run better these days and because of lessons in the past (and some from last nights playing) it seems for the most part we can have fairly orderly TTT without it going particularly haywire.

    As ever if you have maps / suggestions you'd like to see, feel free to comment below or make a new thread!
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