BBase Update 41 - Inventory QoL and Crafting Update

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    This is a bit of a phat update, so keep an eye for bugs...etc.
    • Added a new Sort bar to the Inventory Screen.
      • Added Sort button, allowing you to sort your inventory with various options
      • Added filter button, which shows various filters along with the counts of items which fulfill this.
      • Added Select / Unselect, as well as Invert selection button.
      • Search box moved to the Sort bar at the top
      • While this seems like a simple change, this panel is derived in so many places and has far reaching tentacles, so keep an eye out for errors.

    • Crafting system has been given an update
      • All dusts are now essences
      • Removed Red, Blue and Yellow dust.
      • White Dust now replaced by Eternal Essence.
      • If you had any RBY dusts, then they have been replaced with one eternal per any three of the RBY dusts (Rounded to nearest integer). So you will not be any worse off for this change!
      • Eternal Essece takes 12 items to craft, the same that a White Dust would.
      • Added categories to the crafting screen.
      • Added visual feedback as to what you were crafting.
      • All recipes have been updated in reflection of the above.
      • All icons for essences have been given a refresh.

    • Other bits
      • The clientside use and delete queue can only have seven items in them. This will stop you from accidentally queueing up a delete on your entire inventory.
      • Removed internal limit on the maximum number of items that can exist in a single recipe.
      • Updated various messages all over the place, which format and colour items within the chat box. All hail the chat parser.
      • Add new internal function to send chat messages over net instead of umsg.
      • Updated crate loot tables to reflect the above changes.
      • Fixed client lua error when attempting to list items on the market place
      • Fixed bug where a client may be invalid when attempting to award them cubes.
      • Fixed bug where preview in the market place didn't work with paints
      • Fixed bug where it was possible to try and equip and item that is not equippable.
      • Fixed admins being wrong in the Hug all admins achievement.
      • And lots of others tweaks, changes and other minor things which aren't worth mentioning.
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